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The Story ofPredipie

PrediPie’s co-founders have dedicated over six years to the neuroscience industry, focusing on reducing brain disorders. During their previous project, Zarela, they discovered that nearly half of the world’s population is interested in football, with 0.7% to 27% involved in gambling. This involvement often leads to brain disorders such as anxiety, sleep issues, and increased rates of suicide, divorce, and domestic violence. This realization inspired the team to create a low-risk football prediction game, offering a harm reduction solution similar to how IQOS offers a safer alternative to cigarettes.

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What's soSpecial?

PrediPie stands out by seamlessly blending the excitement of football predictions with the security of a low-risk platform. Our innovative approach allows enthusiasts to enjoy the thrill of the game without financial stakes. We focus on mental well-being, community engagement, and harm reduction, ensuring a unique and enriching experience for all users.

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Predi and Sight are gems that enhance your predictive power and strategic insight, respectively, making football predictions more thrilling and rewarding in PrediPie.

Predi gem

Predi serves as an indispensable utility gem within the game, inaccessible for purchase or sale. As a centralized asset, Predi plays a crucial role within the game engine, imposing necessary constraints to uphold platform security and thwart fraudulent activities. Users must possess Predi to engage in match predictions, receiving it exclusively through giveaways. Notably, users are strictly prohibited from transferring, purchasing, or selling Predi within the game ecosystem.

sight gem

Sight is an essential utility gem within the game, crucial for purchasing all gamified cards. Priced at $0.01 per Sight, it serves as the primary currency for enhancing your game experience. Sight is integral to the game’s economy, enabling users to acquire various in-game assets and advantages. Unlike other tokens, Sight can be actively traded within the game's marketplace, allowing players to strategize and maximize their collections. With Sight, players gain the ability to expand their gameplay and enhance their predictions.

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Where are we ?

Based in UAE Duqe Dubai freezone

Why Dubai?

PrediPie choose Dubai for its strategic location, vibrant tech ecosystem, and supportive regulatory environment. Dubai’s world-class infrastructure and access to global talent align with our mission to innovate in football predictions. The city’s commitment to innovation and its connectivity to Europe, Asia, and Africa make it an ideal base to serve our diverse user base effectively.

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