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If you’re a football fan, and always predict the upcoming games, here is a opportunity to predict football games and earn token!

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Welcome to the future of fantasy football predictions! PrediPie, the web3 football fantasy prediction game, offers a revolutionary "Predict to Earn" model that lets you turn your football knowledge into real rewards. Our Web3 Community is the heartbeat of this exciting ecosystem, bringing together football fans, gamers, and blockchain enthusiasts to share, learn, and earn.

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To become the leading Web3 platform for football fantasy predictions, transforming how fans interact with and experience the sport through innovative technology and community engagement, while promoting safe and responsible prediction practices.

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Provide a state-of-the-art platform where users can predict sports outcomes and earn rewards.Offer a harm reduction solution for prediction enthusiasts who seek excitement without the high risks associated with traditional platforms.

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Predi serves as an indispensable utility gem within the game, inaccessible for purchase or sale. As a centralized asset, Predi plays a crucial role within the game engine, imposing necessary constraints to uphold platform security and thwart fraudulent activities. Users must possess Predi to engage in match predictions, receiving it exclusively through giveaways. Notably, users are strictly prohibited from transferring, purchasing, or selling Predi within the game ecosystem.

Sight is an essential utility gem within the game, crucial for purchasing all gamified cards. Priced at $0.01 per Sight, it serves as the primary currency for enhancing your game experience. Sight is integral to the game's economy, enabling users to acquire various in-game assets and advantages. Unlike other tokens, Sight can be actively traded within the game's marketplace, allowing players to strategize and maximize their collections. With Sight, players gain the ability to expand their gameplay and enhance their predictions.

There are various strategies placed within the app designed to generate revenue, with the primary model being in-app purchases. As aforementioned, users can purchase cards from the shop to improve the accuracy of their predictions and enhance their overall experience. Additionally, in the “Win 10,000” section, if users face a game over and prefer not to restart from the first level of the section, they have the option to advance by paying a small fee.

If users forget their password, they can request a new one on the "Forget Password" page. After entering an email address in the forget password modal, the user's new password will be emailed to them.

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